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VIGORO, a two time winner of the prestigious Governor’s Award for excellence in design and construction, has been designing landscapes to compliment nature and architecture immaculately and without exception for over 40 years.


VIGORO works closely with our clients from planning to completion from where we take detailed care in landscape maintenance. 


VIGORO's two garden boutique stores are sources of flora, garden accessories, thoughtful gifts, accent furniture and serendipitous moments.



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  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Artificial Lawn, Sports Fields & Rubber Surfacing
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Hardscape Design
  • Interiorscapes

Landscape Design

To the landscape designers at VIGORO, every project is a blank canvas, so to speak. A space where we have the joy of digging deep into our horticultural knowledge to create a garden design that is not only unique, but also inspired by our awe for nature in all of its elements and most importantly, our clients' needs. Ultimately the function of your garden is to be your sanctuary, your escape, the place you come home to, the place you spend weekends, the place you play and the place in which you entertain. VIGORO creates a garden sanctuary that brings you tranqulity and provides a place where you can have fun and relax. VIGORO creates gardens that eventually become home to nature where all of its tranquility and peace reside. 

Today’s commercial architectural design incorporates large green spaces for urban working and living. To the landscape designers at VIGORO this brings an exciting opportunity where we blend commercial landscape design with architectural spaces and create places where a quiet wooden bench placed in a small piece of nature can relieve the stress of a busy day.

VIGORO works closely with our clients from planning to completion. Once installation is complete VIGORO takes detailed care of the landscape design to maintain the design and its continual health.


For quotes and consultations on private home, condo or commercial landscape design, installation and maintenance please contact tom.balon@vigoro.ky or craig.stewart@vigoro.ky or call 949-4270


To view more images of our portfolio, please visit our Photo Gallery or click here to see a comprehensive video about VIGORO. 

Landscape Maintenance

Your garden, just like your home, needs regular maintenance. Not only to ensure the health and longevity of your plants, trees and shrubs through regular and plant specific pruning and fertilization but also to fend off pesky insects and unwanted pests. You and your family also spend time outside enjoying your garden and when it comes to selling your home, curb appeal is also vitally important. These then are all valid reasons why you need to invest in landscape maintenance from VIGORO. With 40 years of designing and maintaining Cayman gardens under our belts, with an educated team that has an intricate understanding of what maintaining and managing a garden really is, we are in the position to give you dependable advice. 

Let's look at fertilizer for example: You would never use the same paint for two vastly different applications. In the same way you should never use the same fertilizer for a variety of purposes. For example it’s a pointless exercise to apply palm fertilizer to a lawn or lawn fertilizer to blooms. All plants, hedges and trees grow thanks to just the right mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil. It is therefore vitally important that you choose a fertilizer with the right blend of the three components to maximize growth on flowers, lawn, vegetables and trees. 

Weeds and garden pests happen. It’s a fact of landscape design and maintenance. Now before you panic and start spraying, consider this; how you design and lay-out your garden is the first step to battling invasive pests. VIGORO considers this fact right from the get go when we plan to place pest resistant plants or insect repelling plants in strategic places among neighbouring shrubs and trees.

It is also important that you understand that pesticides often carry a bad name. Think of Neem Oil for example. In today’s market this naturally pressed oil from the Neem Tree has been used to fight pesky mealy bugs and other pest species. If you, like many other eco aware homes in Cayman, are not sure which, if any, pesticides to use, please ask VIGORO as we take your pest problem, your children, your pets and your lifestyle into consideration before we spray anything. 


For quotes and consultations on residential or commercial landscape maintenance please contact tom.balon@vigoro.ky or craig.stewart@vigoro.ky or call 949-4270


To view more images of our portfolio, please visit our Photo Gallery.


Typically Cayman’s long dry winters and incredibly hot summers makes for a rather dry climate, so developing and maintaining a lush tropical landscape is made so much easier by installing an automated irrigation system. An irrigation system, which you will be able to set on a timer, will help maintain an ideal landscape and it’s also the most convenient and efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the water it needs without over or under-watering. A properly installed and maintained irrigation system will actually conserve water. 


For quotes and consultations on irrigation please contact craig.stewart@vigoro.ky or tom.balon@vigoro.ky or call 949-4270

Artificial Lawn, Sports Fields & Rubber Surfacing

We live in an extremely hot climate that can be pariticularly harsh to your lawn. VIGORO has always recommended an automated irrigation system but we now also have the resources to suggest another solution; artificial lawn that looks and feels exactly like the real thing! The images you see here are from properties in Cayman that have had artificial lawn installed with outstanding results. We are sure you have questions about longevity, warranties, pets, general wear and tear, existing lawn, kids, snakes and much more, so please feel free to contact us for more information and a quote on this hassle free and affordable alternative to maintaining a live lawn.
VIGORO has also had the opportunity to install entire sports fields right here in Cayman, using artificial turf. From football to baseball, golf or beyond, click here to see the short video of our sports installations. 

VIGORO has now also introduced Rubber Bonded Mulch surfacing to the Cayman Islands. It offers a unique and natural trail or path system and playground safety surface. It's a one step pour that provides a cost-effective, long-lasting, safe, and durable option for any playground or park setting. Its characteristics allow for piling and sloping and this helps create a natural ground setting that will fool any passer by until they actually approach the area, feeling its anti-fatigue qualities in each step.  This product also meets and exceeds shock absorbing properties in accordance with standard specifications for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems under and around playground equipment.


Outdoor Lighting

Living in the Cayman Islands means spending a lot of time outdoors year round. Balmy evenings also mean entertaining poolside, outdoors on the deck or under the gazebo. This is where landscape lighting plays a vital part in not only providing light, but also transforming your garden into a magical place for you and your guests. VIGORO's LED or halogen low voltage lighting accents particular features and creates "another garden" you may never have realised you had. 

VIGORO installs solid brass fixtures, the transformers are stainless steel and both stand up beautifully to the tropical heat, humidity and salt air. The lights are user friendly, can be set up on timers and as they are low voltage LED or halogen, the cost of operation is surprisingly minimal. An average half acre landscaped lot would need approximately 25-40 lights. Not sure which areas to light? Why not start with the walkways and entrance to your home. Then start thinking about the larger trees on your property and how beautiful it would be to light their trunks and branches for a touch of the dramatic. 

Light up your life by lighting up your garden; email tom.balon@vigoro.ky or craig.stewart@vigoro.ky or call 949 4270 to book a free consultation during or after your landscaping has been installed.

Hardscape Design

What are hardscapes? You probaly walk on them quite often and didn't know that the terminology hardscape applies to the stone slab path that’s been beautifully laid out on your lawn so you can walk from your backdoor to the beach, to the pool and to your driveway. Hardscapes can also be designed and installed as an entrance to your home or business. Just recently the design, lay-out and installation of hardscapes have become another form of art and expression and VIGORO is seeing a larger variety of stone being sourced for this purpose. Reconstituted limestone, granite, marble & travertine (especially around the pool) and of course brick in different colours so as to make a geometrical pattern in the pathway itself. There is an extremely wide variety of hardscape material currently on the market, it’s simply a matter of choosing the right one to attain the perfect combination of form and function. 


For quotes and consultations on private home, condo or commercial hardscape, design and installation, please contact tom.balon@vigoro.ky, craig.stewart@vigoro.ky or call 949-4270


To view more images of our portfolio, please visit our Photo Gallery.


In today’s busy lifestyle with corporate entities requiring longer hours in the office and condo living growing exponentially in the Cayman Islands, interiorscapes have been introduced in order to bring nature and its tranquility into the home and office. Interiorscapes can include flower boxes with palms and bedding type foliage at soil level. Smaller and mobile options include ceramic planters with a selection of greenery. Condo decks benefit from a touch of colourful ceramic planters and green foliage which makes up for the lack of an expansive garden in terms of providing beauty and tranquility. Interiorscapes on screened-in porches of homes also bring the outdoors inside seamlessly. VIGORO takes care to match the planters with your interiorspace’s design and colour, we source plants from our two plant nurseries that will thrive indoors with indirect sunlight. Your garden sanctuary...indoors!


For quotes and consultations on private home, condo or commercial interiorscapes design, installation and maintenance, please contact tom.balon@vigoro.ky or craig.stewart@vigoro.ky or call 949-4270