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Hardscape Design

Hardscape Design

What are hardscapes? You probaly walk on them quite often and didn't know that the terminology hardscape applies to the stone slab path that’s been beautifully laid out on your lawn so you can walk from your backdoor to the beach, to the pool and to your driveway. Hardscapes can also be designed and installed as an entrance to your home or business. Just recently the design, lay-out and installation of hardscapes have become another form of art and expression and Vigoro is seeing a larger variety of stone being sourced for this purpose. Reconstituted limestone, granite, marble & travertine (especially around the pool) and of course brick in different colours so as to make a geometrical pattern in the pathway itself. There is an extremely wide variety of hardscape material currently on the market, it’s simply a matter of choosing the right one to attain the perfect combination of form and function.

For quotes and consultations on private home, condo, or commercial hardscape, design and installation, please call +1 345-949-4270 or contact [email protected], [email protected].

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