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In today’s busy lifestyle with corporate entities requiring longer hours in the office and condo living growing exponentially in the Cayman Islands, interiorscapes have been introduced in order to bring nature and its tranquility into the home and office. Interiorscapes can include flower boxes with palms and bedding type foliage at soil level. Smaller and mobile options include ceramic planters with a selection of greenery. Condo decks benefit from a touch of colourful ceramic planters and green foliage which makes up for the lack of an expansive garden in terms of providing beauty and tranquility. Interiorscapes on screened-in porches of homes also bring the outdoors inside seamlessly. Vigoro takes care to match the planters with your interiorspace’s design and colour, we source plants from our two plant nurseries that will thrive indoors with indirect sunlight. Your garden sanctuary...indoors!

For quotes and consultations on private home, condo or commercial interiorscapes design, installation and maintenance, please call +1 345-949-4270 or contact [email protected], [email protected].

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